The TED talk by Simon Sinek has been viewed millions of times and thousands of articles have already been written about it. This makes it one of the most famous presentations ever. The Golden Circle is a simple but very powerful model for inspiring leadership.
In 18 minutes he maps out how an organization can distinguish itself from the competition.
Start with WHY is his conviction.

Why do you do what you do and why do you get out of bed every morning?

Create a goal-oriented presentation

We use the model to brainstorm together with customers about the presentation. We often see that the PowerPoint presentation is already open and that the goal, the objectives and the target group have not yet been clearly mapped out. A well-known statement by US President Lincoln is: “if we first know where we are and where we want to go, we can better assess what we have to do and how we should do it”.

Of course, this statement also applies to presentations. If you do not know the target, you cannot make a targeted presentation.

The Golden Circle

“Why is Apple successful and another computer supplier is not?” That is what Simon Sinek is wondering aloud. Then he also answers: “Everybody knows what he does, some know how they do it and few people know why they do it”.

If the Apple marketing was just like that of the rest, they would communicate in the following way: We make great computers, the most beautiful design and very user-friendly. Do you want to buy one?

“Everyone knows what they do, some know how they do it and few people know why they do it”

How Apple really does the marketing: In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently, by making our products user-friendly and focusing on design. Do you want to buy one?

Do you notice the difference? Apple’s communication is from the inside out. They proclaim their faith instead of the product specifications.

For those who have not seen the TED Talk yet, or want to get inspired again, watch the video.  And start thinking: WHY do I want to give a presentation?

Close PowerPoint and apply the Golden Circle model to your presentations

Leave the PowerPoint closed for now and start a brainstorming session. Together with the customer we always discuss with the Golden Circle model, so that you can then make a targeted presentation.

Ask yourself all the possibly Why questions. Why do you want to make this presentation? What are your deeper values behind this presentation? Professionalism? Gaining trust? Why are you truly different from the competition? Why should you listeners “buy” from you?

So, what are your objectives of this presentation? Generating new business, retaining existing customers, measuring satisfaction among customers. These are measurable concrete objectives.

And to whom are you talking? What does the target group look like? Small or large companies, consultants, influencers within the branches or partners within the distribution network?

What does a decision making unit (DMU) look like? This can be on a tactical, strategic or operational level. This requires a different approach and tone of voice for each target group.

Where is the presentation given and how are you going to give it? That can be in a large or small room. It can be a sales pitch, a presentation for small or large groups.

How are you going to give that presentation? This can be on a Mac or a Windows laptop, a beamer or a TV screen.

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