Get ahead of the curve with the ILTA Office 365 Knowledge Track in Demo Room: Maryland 6
Featuring Microsoft, Kraft Kennedy, Documentaal, Darigold and Epona Legal USA.

Monday August 20, 2018 – Thursday August 23, 2018, Maryland, USA

The Matter Center (Epona) – In Production in over 250 firms Worldwide

Description:Description: You have heard the proclamations; the Matter Center is dead. You have seen the press; Office365 and SharePoint just aren’t ready for primetime. So why do Law Firms and Corporate Legal departments, quietly, one by one keep choosing the Matter Center, SharePoint on Line, and Office 365, to replace their old school DMS? Why are firms small and midsize dumping the high costs of a single silo solution, heavy infrastructure, and high cost technical support teams for Office365 and SharePoint?
If there is one “new thing” you learn at this ILTACon 2018, it will be the demo you see here. This will be the thing you bring back to the firm, proving to firm leadership that you saw a DMS on SharePoint, using the Matter Center, and Epona Tools and it was excellent.

Office 365 and Word Templates/Macro’s – Easy Document Creation using dStyle 365

Every firm creates documents that require utilizing data stored in a CRM, Financial Practice Management System, DMS, O365 and more. Come see how easy the dStyle365 solution can be used by end-users to create extremely complex documents efficiently and easily.
dStyle365 can utilize all your data content to make beautiful documents, and provide reusable and favorite text elements to every user in the firm, including Word template creation in mere minutes.

Document Management on Office 365 Unleashed!

This session will go into some depth regarding what you should/can do, the steps you must take, after you have decided to make Office365 your DMS platform.
Topics to be discussed include: Using Office365 Groups, DMS Design, Setting Up Sites, Document Libraries, Pages, Permissions and Provisioning. This session will have many technical elements as part of the discussion.

From the Corporate Lawyers View – Office365 Capabilities, Complexity and Opportunity

Attorneys and IT teams in the corporate legal space don’t always know how broad and capable the Office365 space is, and what are some of the ‘should definitely’ consider utilizing, and what you should look out for. Come and listen to a cross-functional lawyer talk about how he has utilized MS products and O365 to innovate since 2014.
Michael was one of the founding members of DWT De Novo (winner of ILTA’s Most Innovative Law Firm of the Year Award in 2015 and 2016 and recipient of FT innovation recognition multiple times since 2015) and has managed to meld his information science and process improvement training with his legal practice in very practical ways that increase efficiency and reduce cost to clients.
Come and listen to Michael discuss how he’s used, is using and is exploring Office365 to deploy matter intake systems, document management systems, eDiscovery/records management capability and more.

Understanding DMS Design in Office365 – SharePoint Online / Epona Matter Center

When deploying the Matter Center and a DMS on SharePoint Online, there a myriad of questions one needs to consider. Especially if you already have a DMS in place.
Whether or not you have a DMS, understanding the SharePoint DMS nomenclature, some of the gotchas, and most importantly, how to devise an efficient design that is simple, easy to deploy and maintain, while staying in the middle of the lane with Microsoft is key. Drop by to see some of the keys to a great DMS design.

Office365 Security and Compliance Center by Nishan DeSilva, Microsoft Corporation

If your organization is considering full utilization of the Office365 platform, including but well beyond Microsoft Exchange in the Cloud, a strong understanding of the current capabilities, future development path, and best practices and use of the Office365 Security and Compliance Center is essential.
Nishan DeSilva will talk about the current center, how to best utilize it, what is coming and will take questions on how the Compliance Center can benefit your organization.

Exchange Online Q&A – Notes from The Field with Kraft Kennedy

A conversation (no slide deck! just useful takeaways) answering your questions about the move to Exchange Online, including the legitimate business concerns we hear from firms as well as advantages and lessons learned.
This is not a sales pitch. Exchange experts will be sharing their experiences with the migration to Exchange Online and answering questions about configuration and migration options.
The Kraft Kennedy team holds advanced Exchange certifications (including one Certified Master—1 of 22 in the world outside Microsoft), is embedded in the Ranger community, and meets with the on-premises and online teams regularly. It provides escalated support for the largest law firms in the world and has migrated dozens of small- and medium-sized firms to Exchange Online.