we are documentaal

We are a company that improves your productivity and profitability. Our focus is to let you work smarter at less cost.
With every document, every day.


Mission and vision

From our logistics background, we look at the office environment and recognize chaos. The European markets are knowledge markets, with a dominating service oriented industry. These services require businesses to add value through knowledge, in the form of content. This content is created and shared through e-mail, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. This is relatively new and there is room for improvement. Our mission is simple: improve efficiency by 20%. As if you have an extra co-worker for 1 day a week.

Why documentaal

Documentaal is a name synonymous with Document Creation and Document Management. With an experienced team of highly skilled people working together, actively sharing knowledge with partners, and creating immediate value for our clients. With our experiences in the legal, financial, and accounting market, we help you when it matters!

Our software and integrated approach enables to easily create offers, legal documents, contracts, and any other documents. With one-click, you save them to your project or matter. We deliver innovative and robust solutions that fully integrate with your processes and your underlying customer and production systems e.g. Outlook, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint Online, ContactManager, OpenText, iManage, SAP, and Oracle.

We provide products and solutions specifically for the knowledge worker


The best product in the market for document creation - based on the latest technological capabilities of Microsoft with a flexible architecture for support for other platforms.


Solutions that closely match the already incurred (and large) investments in the Microsoft Office environments, thus we significantly increase efficiency in Microsoft Office.


Our solutions and products range from global correspondence systems, automated solutions for creating quotations, preparation of complex financial statements to the outsourcing of the HR documents and texts to us.


Broad and deep expertise around content and documents in companies that allow us to deliver complete solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions require.

We do this in a ‘giant practical way’. We are averse to complexity. That's our strength.

Reinoud Wouters – Responsible for Marketing & Sales, and Partner at Documentaal

Our Partners

Our aim is to add value for clients. We accomplish this in many ways including through our partner network. Working with partners is one of the foundations of Documentaal and we are always looking to expand our network to add more value for our clients.

If you want to know more about white-labeling of for example our Document Creation Engine©, please contact Rob Duijndam for further details.


Contact us for a free online demo and to talk about all possibilities to start working way(!) more efficiently. Call us on +31 (0)26 445 10 36 or send us your details and we'll be in touch as quick as possible.