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We specialize in Document Creation, Sharing documents, Document Management and Corporate Identity. We provide significant time savings, consistency, and quality control in drafting documents. From any device. From anywhere.

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Our software is tailored to your business

We fully understand your business. Our software is standard, our configurations endless. With over 200 clients and projects we probably know what is going on in your business. And how you can accomplish more.



"As General Counsel I use dStyle 365 every day. We update our legal knowledge system continually and all project managers immediately make use of these texts in their documents. It saves time and we are more compliant than ever before."


Human Resources

"Standardising our contracts with dStyle 365 is easy. Because it is so highly integrated with Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint it makes my work so much easier. Creating documents and sharing them with recruitment and external partners works seamlessly now."



"Creating a 50 page offer is not fun. With dStyle 365 it suddenly is easy and leaves me extra time to discuss the real issues with my clients. They even help me with structuring the documents and signing the contract. This saves me time. Everyday."


Office 365





100% Office 365 integration
50% time-saving
0% daily stress

Work more smartly at less cost

We simplify your office environment

Documentaal helps those in business who want to accomplish more. Themselves, and others. Alone or in a team. We make sure you get the job done, with every document, mail, and presentation you create and share. Always in Style: dStyle.

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