Het Waarom van Documentaal
This is the focus of Documentaal: work smarter with less cost. We are an automation company that actually helps companies to improve productivity and profitability. With every document, every day.

Employees use Office products everyday - they do not really understand;
  • They want to work - but the products do not exclude each other;
  • They want to communicate with each other - but they do not know what others know;
  • They want to be motivated - why I work for this company? They have a choice.
We do this in a "giant practical way." We are averse to complexity. This is our strength.

Products and solutions specifically for the knowledge worker;
  • The best product in the market for document creation - based on the latest technological capabilities of Microsoft with a flexible architecture for support for other platforms;
  • Delivering complete solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions require;
  • Solutions that closely match the already incurred (and large) investments in the Microsoft Office environments, thus we significantly increase efficiency in Office;
  • Broad and deep expertise around content and documents in companies.
  • Solutions we realize since 1994, our products range from global correspondence systems, automated solutions for creating quotations, preparation of complex financial statements to the outsourcing of the HR documents and texts to us.

Rob Duijndam and Reinoud Wouters are the partners of Documentaal. Call us for a good discussion about knowledge management, content and documents!