Published Date: 13 October 2015
The most recent chess game was played during ILTACON 2015, the annual conference of ILTA, the International Legal Technology Association. It was the first time in many years that King iManage again was present as an independent company, and that was tackled big with many presentations and press releases. Indeed, if we continue taking the analogy with chess then iManage could until recently be best compared to the King. However, the company suffered from bureaucracy by owner Hewlett Packard. The recently completed management buyout by iManage however, indicates the freedom to innovate and quickly respond to market developments again.

NetDocuments also picked up big time with a VIP room for receiving clients and prospects, a separate demo area and a large stand at the fair. However, as a bishop of the chessboard NetDocuments makes predictable straight lines and only have access to half of the 64 squares on the board. After all, NetDocuments is a 100% cloud application and the company does not focus on the other half of the board: firms which prefer to keep their data on-site. During ILTACON NetDocuments made known to engage in an intense collaboration with Grandmaster Microsoft, but how will look this endgame exactly?

And then there is the Microsoft SharePoint based DMS Matter Center. I see Microsoft as the Queen of the board: big and strong and able to reach all corners of the chessboard quickly. However, there is one place that can not make this Master: the horse jump, and get there in Epona fashion. Matter Center is a great product but lacks the legal profession for the all-important deep integration with the Office suite of products, Outlook in particular. Epona – with LegalWord and DMSforLegal - completes the functionality of Matter Center into a comprehensive DMS.

DMSforLegal Epona provides this integration so well and also integrates seamlessly with further Matter Center. Queen and Horse, together capable of every imaginable place in the Large Document Management Chess and together are able to parry any document management issues in the legal market.

The psychological warfare, played through the media, will continue for some time, but as Grandmaster Bobby Fischer once said, "I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves.”

Our partner: Legal Epona