dStyle TMS in Greek
Published Date: 09 August 2016

dStyle supports the Greek language and interface when creating documents in corporate style

The challenge when rolling out a global corporate identity is also to win over the local businesses with the corporate identity and accompanying application. However, the language is often a major barrier to creating and maintaining their templates, texts, and models.

Documentaal dStyle Greek Ribbon

dStyle distinguishes between the interface and content language

These two components operate independently of each other. You can use the application dStyle in Greek while the document is in perfect English house style (or vice versa!). And using our language and list editor you can easily improve texts in labels, descriptions and listings for your local area.

dStyle standard supports 12 languages

dStyle, and its legal equivalent LegalWord, support standard 12 languages (Dutch, Frisian, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Danish, and Greek).

How do I get the Greek module in dStyle?

Greek is now a standard part of Documentaal dStyle and LegalWord TMS. Documentaal customers receive the Greek language automatically with the next quarterly update.